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At the end of year 2000, GA Global Markets, LLC was established to provide a dependable, flexible and expert energy brokering services to a diversified clientele. GA Global began with a Natural Gas Desk, but soon in 2001, due to customer demand, an Electricity Desk followed.

The Natural Gas Division provides an array of opportunities through various financial gas products such as Fixed Floating Swaps, European Options, Swaptions, Exchange for Physicals, among other OTC products.

The Electricity Division offers services in the Financial and Physical Markets. Among the different products offered are: Northeast (PJM, Nepool and New York) Region, Capacity transactions, Cross Commodity Swap and other products associated with the Power Supply industry.

We broker transactions of any length and volume, from as small as one day power and gas contracts as well as up to 10 years duration in length. Our different divisions will at times combine efforts and structure a unique hedging transaction to fulfill a customers specific need.

GA Global quickly became one of the top energy brokers in the industry. We credit our customers with trusting us and allowing us time after time to provide them with an excellent level of service. It is through their sometimes challenging requests and unique needs that we are able to prove our quality. Our customers come to us because of our unequal customer service, integrity and resourcefulness.

Despite challenging regulatory and credit issues, GA Global has consistently supplied clients with expert insight and up-to-date information on on-going changes. Always growing, GA Global will continue to develop unique hedging programs and introduce new regions and transaction types to our roster of services.

In Mid 2005, to offer our customers more options we have added a Coal and Emissions Desk to our already established Energy Brokering Operations. This new desk, similarly to the Gas and Power Desks, assists a varied list of customers in finding ways to better manage their risk exposure to price volatility and take advantage of inconsistencies in the marketplace. This varied list of customers include, but is not limited to, utilities, energy marketers, coal producers, and even more recently, financial trading firms.

The Coal desk brokers the Eastern NYMEX Look-a-like barge, CSX and NS rail coal markets, PRB 8800 and PRB 8400 coal, as well as coal from any other region of the US. Our Coal brokers also act as an introductory broker in facilitating NYMEX futures transactions via the NYMEX ClearPort platform. In a similar way, the Emissions Desk assists our customers brokering NOX and SO2 emission credit transactions.