About Us

GA Global Markets, LLC (GA Global) is one of the leading firms in Energy OTC Brokerage Services active in the natural gas, crude oil and product options markets.

Through our offices in New York City, Chicago and Juno Beach we are well positioned to attend to the needs and demands of a very wide range of domestic and international clients. Our clientele include the banking industry, utilities, energy producers, energy marketers, prime multinational companies and hedge funds, among others.

GA Global is able to provide market participants with a quick and efficient way to find their transaction match. Most of our customers are just one click away through the benefit of direct lines and modern communication technology.

We do not take possession or a position in any transaction we facilitate. By not having a financial interest in the outcome of any transaction we are able to offer impartial and knowledgeable information to our customers - the market participants. To provide valuable and up to the minute pricing information, our brokers utilize diverse tools, such as their extensive and expert experience, computer applications, historical data, detailed research and industry relationships.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our people. They come from all segments of the energy and financial industry, as well as assorted cultural backgrounds. Some have been in the energy industry most of their lives, others in the banking industry, trading desks, major utilities and even the technology field. It is this diversity of experiences that allows us to quickly adapt and change according to customer needs and industry demands.

With our customers' support, we were able to - in a very short time - establish ourselves as one of the top Brokers in the industry. We plan to remain on top by continuing to hire talented individuals, by making sure that we are always aware of market requirements and technological trends, and by adhering to a strict self imposed set of guidelines and high degree of ethics at all times. Above all, we plan to continue listening to our customers.